Sheesham wood king-sized or queen size storage bed is durable.Made of Rosewood.Hardwood solidly built and long lasting More spacious storage


Wooden king size or queen size storage bed Hardwood bed which gives you Rest and relax in style with this elegantly designed Seeshamsh solid wood bed is durable and long lasting with more spacious storage Excellent quality hardware used

RESN 1744

Sheesham wood dining table well-built, durable, and very stylish. Wooden dining table has a stylish carving in the center with a glass top, which adds a unique flavour to the table. Hardwood dining table gives your dining room class and elegance. Dining table has space to seat six people also for four seater

RESN 1250

Sheesham wood dining table has an elegant grain finish.Made of high quality of rosewood Hardwood dining table finish and four square design accents in the front of the table. Dining table has space to seat six people also for four people Excellent quality hardware used


Hardwood king or queen size storage bed perfect for every home Sheesham wood bed also has storage space beneath the mattress panel to store away bed linen or other less used items. A bed room furniture Designed to offer you the best comfort and also give your bedroom an elegant touch

RESN 0063

Hardwood dining table Simple yet classic in design, this dining table gives your dining room style and elegance Sheesham wood dining table classic design of the table is made more prominent by the gorgeous finish.

RESN 1760

wooden tv unit elegantly finished in a rich colour, and made of solid wood. Sheesham wood TV unit has a wide top, which can house TV's of most sizes, and also has shelves underneath to place books, magazines and decoratives. Hardwood tv unit door handles are made of brass,Shelf doors have an elegant design

RESN 1308

Hardwood TV unit will add utility and elegance to your living room. wooden TV unit is durable and long-lasting, and has a classic design which gives it its unique flavour. Sheesham wood tv unit has two shelves on the left side, three shelves on the right side

RESN 1660

Sheesham wood study table with a classic design, and an elegant rich finish Hardwood study table's legs are shaped like a lion leg rosewood study table is made of Sheesham wood, which makes it very durable. study table has five pull-out drawers at the top

RESN 1974

Hardwood crockery unit organise your crockery, serverware and glassware collection in an organised manner Sheesham wood, which is durable, sturdy, and gives the furniture its unique grain pattern wooden crockery unit's style is accentuated by the elegant brass handles

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